I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa during the turbulent apartheid years. Desmond Tutu spoke at my graduation and I watched Nelson Mandela leave Pollsmoor prison a free man.

I wanted to be a psychologist, thought about medicine and became a lawyer. I married Becky in 1988 (still am) and moved to the States in 1993. I drove a Bentley with Cyril Ramaphosa down the Monaco Grand Prix track at 2.00 AM.

I’ve practiced as a business lawyer in big firms (Fairbridges in Cape Town), small firms (Brett & Daugert, Bellingham, Washington), on my own and in a small partnership (Brownlie Evans Wolf & Lee, Bellingham, Washington).

I’ve lectured graduate students in law and run a publicly-traded mining corporation. I’ve visited some pretty interesting places.

I have a dog named Pippa, who is the ugliest creature you ever saw (half Griffon half Pug).

I have three beautiful children.

I love wine, sunshine and comedy.